Huginn and Muninn: a digital gothic (part 4- bone)

Huginn and Muninn: a digital gothic (part 4- bone)

Part 4: Bone. [Playlist: Akira Kiteshi, Ulysses]


don’t trip on dying in your dream:

first stop the grave, then                                    travel!

staved on tree roots marionetted through eye sockets
you’re a prize carried on cypress knees             a  relay baton

handed from root system to root system
no eyelids now so no looking away!                              what you did               who you were

how you spent your time
slough into        a gloriously rotten skin sail
luffing with soil              until you unfurl

into beam reach

let the grubs get fat
let the beetles strip those bones

let rains lick with gravelly tongues
until      stubborn scab               loose tooth
(what you once called life)

            is scratched      shivered           yanked
loose        from the final stringy thread:

bump and grind with boulders
shake those processes and condyles
rub epiphyses with other posthumous tourists

sand yourself glassy
with shale and pumice and schist

unhinge your mandible and stuff that skull
with bone clatter and pebble storms
the stony language of former civilizations

each with their form of permanence
each with their unslakeable thirst

now that the head is not the headspace
now that the visions are not delimited on axes
nor navigable by cardinal directions

and you’ve self-effaced to a cloud-like probability
locked into standing wave
a danse macabre
a memento mori

it’s time to flex your phantom limbs
your plum pudding probability
your atmosphere of decay

let the juice spray out of your nose holes
and spoke out along the continuum
of smaller and smaller and larger and larger

til the memory is clean and squeaky
the pieces primed for reassembly

you have worlds to end         worlds to mend
the now the then the soon to be

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