Nordpolen Journal: 5/16/13- postcards to influential strangers

Nordpolen Journal: 5/16/13- postcards to influential strangers

San Francisco, California

Today I sat down and made a list of strangers to whom I owe a fragment of my creative self. It is through their trap doors, attics, belfries, squats, closets, crawlspaces, choruses, windows, vistas, wormholes, timeslips, floorboards, rumors, hijinks, trysts, pain, curiosity, and difficulties that I have been given breathtaking glimpses of other worlds.

I would like to send each of them a postcard. Why a postcard? Because it has all the brevity of a text message, and all the fading, duct-taped-together, institutional-beige romance of the post office.  Constraint, when pouring one’s heart out a stranger, is a good thing, and if it must be imposed by a small window of blank cardstock, fully exposed for anyone to read, then that makes it both more a public declaration of love, and (hopefully) a less purple or redundant one, since I have very little space to write, and I can’t hit the “delete” key when I fuck up.

Also, I feel a little sad that sending physical objects to people with things written on them as a form of communication is now considered passe enough to be arty. I’d rather think of it as tossing a fistful of unrequited love letters into the machine, to see if I get any pingbacks.

I happen to have, in the upper-right hand drawer of my desk, a bunch of postcards I’ve been collecting for something. And this is now that something. They range from 60 years old to printed this year. Some are quite ugly, which is why I kept them:


And here’s the list, in the order that they came into my mind:


1. Susanna Clarke
2. Neil Gaiman
3. Siouxsie Sioux
4. Virtual Boy
5. Edgar Allan Poe
6. T.S. Eliot
7. Charles Fort
8. Robert Smith
9. Leonard Nimoy
10. Jack Webb/Rod Serling
11. Tim Burton
12. Gustav Doré
13. Jacques Cousteau
14. Marvin Kaye
15. Peter Murphy
16. Anais Nin
17. Camille Flammarion
18. William Butler Yeats

Now other than one or two I am not entirely sure of, I count 11 people on this list that are dead, but I’m not going to let that stop me.

Here’s the first postcard, to Edgar Allan Poe. I’ll have to figure out how to address it tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Nordpolen Journal: 5/16/13- postcards to influential strangers

  1. I think Edgar would be surprised and impressed! I think the “Bells” poem is even more impactful than “The Raven”


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