Nordpolen Journal: 5/19/13- Postcards to influential strangers 4 and 5

Nordpolen Journal: 5/19/13- Postcards to influential strangers 4 and 5

San Francisco, California
Sunday May 19, 2013

The next two postcards to people on my list of 15:

I’ve found it difficult not to expand my list over the past few days, but I’m resisting that. It’s enough for me to complete these fifteen.

I’m open to suggestions from any of you who read this, as to what to do with the postcards I’ve written to people who are now dead. I don’t want to keep them, I want to send them out into the world somehow, but I’d like to find a really good way to do it. If you think of something, please leave me a comment with your suggestions. My ears are open.

4. Anais Nin:

Anais Nin

Anais Nin- text

5. Marvin Kaye: Okay, to my delight, after writing four postcards to people who are dead, I discovered that Marvin Kaye is still kicking. He is the current editor of Weird Tales Magazine. He was born in 1938, and oddly, one of the postcards I had sitting around is postmarked 1938. Seems appropriate, if not downright synchronous. When I sat down to write it, I suddenly became nervous. This postcard will actually get mailed, and to know there is a person on the other end who might, or might not, respond means that I’m really risking something by sending it. But, since Mr. Kaye is an editor of weird stories, I might have a bat’s chance in hell of being understood. On the other hand, he might not appreciate the repurposed post card and alarmingly small scrawl on it. That, however, is none of my concern. I can only offer my thanks, I can’t make him take them.

Marvin Kaye

Marvin Kaye- text

2 thoughts on “Nordpolen Journal: 5/19/13- Postcards to influential strangers 4 and 5

  1. This is the first of the blogs that I have checked out in the last week or so, and I am intrigued. I will have to look back and see what else you have posted. I think writing these postcards is awesome.


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