Detroit Red Wings versus Chicago Blackhawks: what hockey sounds like to a poet

Detroit Red Wings versus Chicago Blackhawks: what hockey sounds like to a poet

San Francisco, California
Sunday, May 26, 2013
(Saturday’s game)

Rosenball moves to the corner and shroud’s a pickle! Now at the blue line… down the boards… sticks a penalty to shrew Nefertiti icing a stickman. Cobb, the only non-liner vice conduct when Kareem defends a shark.   Turns out to be the ref’s high dick flying in a piss, but he wasn’t happy with it at all.  Anderson will try a ponzu on the oldest guy… a dirty-six who rattles in around and back with a peg leg full of cotton candy, but his old lady rushes it back down for seconds.   Taint’s on kick-by-keen for a change…. knifed away while Jean Burls, with some quinine, gains the last clem for the carry back, almost a gentle derision on the penalty kill but the pressure point stabilized the super-aggressive frustration ending in a family killing and an offensive nod from the king of Siam. 

 Brett’s salad comes off as a gay back with a little chin music and Roosevelt’s drifting shot had to be called soft. Local back system of change hopped around near a  muzzled pit bull, and the blackhawks have long gone giving it to the mind with a bare Jimmy Hoffa. Sharp chef turning a bag, the red wings take it across with a steam engine chugging a free lunch, and now Poland’s gonna go act dastardly and the ref’s can’t love it.

Advocator, the slack fly another dictator, cause this party’s gonna shiver a timber in a batshit mistake. Better speed wide to the outside taking a punk to the dive while Cromwell sidles in on the shoulder and pokes a snowman. Gumby’s physical play is a sight to behold. Wasn’t it great?!   

5 thoughts on “Detroit Red Wings versus Chicago Blackhawks: what hockey sounds like to a poet

      1. I identified with Moe. I guess I loved the way his character pretended to be smarter than the other two when in reality he was just as moronic:-) A close second was Shemp, Moe and Curly’s older brother–the funniest comic of them all.


  1. Pretty close, actually. Rosenball = Rosenthall. High dick flying = high sticking. Taint’s = Toews (pr. tayves). Family killing = penalty killing. Brett’s salad = Brent Seabrook. Jimmy Hoffa = Jimmy Howard. Advocator = Abdlecator.


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