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Shadowed: Unheard Voices now available for purchase!

Shadowed: Unheard Voices from Now & Then & Again on Vimeo.

Shadowed is an extraordinary book of 148 prose poems written in response to photographs spanning the first half of the twentieth century—each photo accompanied by the imaginative speculations of a gathering of contemporary women poets.

To order Shadowed, and for more info, click on ABOUT and POETS & PROCESS. Hear the voices, see the images, experience a taste of the poetry.

F-Stein, L J Moore
L J Moore
Publisher: Subito Press
ISBN: 9780980109856
“”Built from the runoff of pop culture with resurrected familial history and electrified by anagrammatic hijinks, F-Stein reanimates the shape of the book. Here is a serial poem in which the recto-verso division highlights the mind’s oscillation between information gathering and creative impulse: musically-driven, memory-drenched lines meet internet-heavy notes and nods.”-Noah Eli Gordon, Assistant Professor of English, University of Colorado and author of The Source
“L.J. Moore has written an ingenious, magical, and profound book that crosses a riveting personal and family history with science, history, linguistics, Gnosticism, the movie Edward Scissorhands, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which lends the book its title. Anagrams of that famous name appear as subtitles and offer clues to events so powerful they refuse to be spoken directly. Numerous clues leading to this secret have been dropped along the forest path of reading: homophones, double meanings, and a delightful, allusive style: ‘from my pink springs/the red and white…I’ve been dressing in pink/but my bones are read/and my meat is white…'”
-Paul Hoover, Co-founder and co-editor, New American Writing

Buy at SPD
Excerpts and more info at Subito Press

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