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the gift of sleep

  when the delivery man arrived, he stood in the mud room while I flattened a stack of crumpled ones and searched the refrigerator magnets for a coupon that hadn’t expired. sorry about the weather! I called from the kitchen, cringing at my own inanity. as if it were my fault it was fifteen below … Continue reading


the lost moustache

June 1, 2014 San Francisco I’ve been on a long blog hiatus after I finished my latest book, small, fierce things. Now I’m starting to make new stories and new drawings, and instead of saving them all up for a foggy day, I figured I’d post them as I write them for you here. Of course, … Continue reading

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small, fierce things would like to come home with you

small, fierce book covers small, fierce things, my new book of illustrations and stories, is sold out! However, if you would like to special order a copy,  contact me!    I am delighted to announce that in conjunction with Achiote Press, my new book is ready for purchase!  There are 50 handmade, hand-sewn copies ready … Continue reading